world are cry


We need more love and more understanding/ and everlasting unity
Have to change the way we act, so we get a change to be
released from this mental slavery
Have to give the food for the poor for free/call for general prosperity
Tired of the looting and shooting/ world cries for equality

Refr: There’s no no no no no no time to waste
Have to open up open up our hearts, let the sunshine in
There’s no no no no no no time to waste
Extending your mind, let the transformation begin

Tell me how it comes, that still existences wiped out and destroyed
Cauz of bombs/ cant you hear the crying inna di ghetto inna di slums
Too much war and violence on the streets/ time to cool down the heat
So many peope who suffer and are in need/ so many mouths to feed
When you gonna stop chasing cauz of their greed/ blinded by their greed


They’re moving too fast, afraid of that they gonna be last
Wanting more and more, thinking about how to reach the score
Losing their mind, building up their fantasy/ twisted is their reality
Out of control is their normality/ gone dead is the dignity
Creeping in the shadow of confusion/ living in a illusion

One drop:

Me dont need no goverment who’s fake and lying
Me dont need no politicians who are responible for dying
What we need is more Togetherness

Me dont need no fight and no aggression
Me dont need no anger and depression
What we need is more compassion



Livemitschnitt vom 22.01.2016 – „HEAD UP“ FANIA LIVE