„RUN FI IT“ is online

By Redakteur

RUN FI IT – Freemeyend – Reggae/Ska outta Vienna (2019)

„Run fi it“ from the same named album RUN FI IT



Video produced by Jörg Russ, https://hjr-multimedia.com/

Music written by Mike Klement

Arranged & performend by Freemeyend

Recorded by Ábel Czinger & Mike Klement

Mixed by Mike Klement

Mastering by Horst Pfaffelmayer & Sebastian Porstner at Gold Chamber

Foto by Aslan Kudrnofsky

Graphic Design by Maria Egger & Jozef Moder

© & ® by Freemeyend


Musicians on the album:

vocals : Somsamay Raxajack alias PlatO

backvocals : Claudia Eichbichler

backvocals : Nadine Ruf

drums : Lars Roesky

bass : Michal Robert Piatek alias Pio

guitar : Mike Klement

keyboard : Roland Schrotter alias Doc

trumpet : Luca Lezuo

altsax : Zsombor Nemeskéri

tenorsax : Harald List

trombone : Christian Bevilacqua


RUN FI IT (lyrics)

Run fi it

So people get up on your feet

and come fi it

only one shop inna your town is selling it

they start at 6 o’clock am

so you can be the first one who’s having it

Mi walking inna di town and every shop is full of crowd

This is a warning

I see dem spending cash

Dem feel like scoring

fi get the tings dem never wanted

the media got dem dread


So you better wake up

and break out of your illusion

your world will shake up

so clean up your heart

no mask no make up

you have the possibility

now make a change

and set your mind free

Run fi it….

So many have so much but dem cant get enough

of di material tings

Spoiled from the wealth, its a short joy that it brings

The glance will not last forever

is it worth the diamonds and the rings

Wake up ….Shake up


We wanting more and more in this time

Its a consumer society

Bigger faster car must be the priority

Some would kill for vanity

Hustling for glamour and beauty





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