Love is the healing of the nation
We all are equal we are a divided creation
Love is the healing of the nation
Make no difference we are tired of seperation

No matta if you black, brown, yellow or white
Try to live good and try to live right
Live your love, love your life, be wise
throw finally your badminded attitudes aside
Side by side we stick together, fight forever gainst
this system, we don’t wanna be trapped, no more we wanna be the victim
It’s time to unite, so you better live up right, so it’s time to unite


We all have the same, one blood runs through our vein
Equal rights and justice for all, poor people have to stand tall
leaders of the world, rescue dem before they fall
It’s an every day struggle, much trouble, nuff poverty and corruption
It’s a shame how dem act when will they stop the destruction
We are ready to break the the chains of falseness
We are ready to smash lies and unfairness


Every day we should treat our brothers and sisters right
Every badness that you do comes back for sure you can’t deny
It’s all about one love and unity
Respect, Peace and Harmony
Be there for each other that should be our philosophy
Sacrifice and charity is grounded in the essence of humanity


Livevideo vom 14.10.2016 – Davis (Vienna)